paintings paintings spirng oil on canvas 187344017 Kookaburra ink on wood SOLD 187344018 The Cold gouache on watercolour paper 187344019 The doctor and Emma gouache on paper Sold 187344020 Sophie oil on canvas 187344021 Gold and green bell frog oil on canvas SOLD 187344022 Platypus oil on canvas 187344023 The Two oil on canvas SOLD 187344024 The Sacred tree oil on canvas SOLD 187344025 Fariy tale princesses oil on canvas 187352048 winter collage and oil on canvas 187352049 Snaky Beth ink and watercolour SOLD 187352050 rupunzel gouache on paper 187352051 . oil on canvas 187352052 stripes watercolour 187352053 Red Chair watercolour 187352054 Autumn collage and oil on canvas 187352515 Blue wren ink on wood SOLD 187352516 The compassionate one ink and gouache on mdf 187352517 Tree of life watercolour 187352518 Untitled oil on canvas SOLD 187352519 Mayan sun calander oil on canvas 198628061 Buddha Acrylic on canvas 198627925 Raven moon Mixed media on board 198628075 Blue wren mixed media on board 198628085 Sun Bird mixed media on board 198628086 Peacocks oil on canvas 198628087